Hitachi: Introduction to REST API for Hitachi Content Platform"

Код курса: TSI2764

Продолжительность обучения (кол-во дней): 1 день

Стоимость обучения за одного человека: $640* / $900

Даты курса Заявка
22.07.2019 Заказать
Suggested Audience: Developers, Architects

Required Knowledge and Skills: Understanding of Java, Understanding of network programming, Understanding of virtualization environments, Basic understanding of command line usage (that is, MS-DOS and/or Bash)

Краткое описание курса: Однодневный курс о принципах работы API для Hitachi Content Platform.
Программа курса:
Course Highlights:
  • Explore Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) application capabilities
  • Learn about REST-ful programmatic APIs for HCP management and object usage

Course Description: 
This 1 day course provides application engineers with the basic knowledge necessary to code applications that take advantage of the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) solution. It familiarizes you with key principles required to program REST-ful programmatic APIs for HCP.
You will practice with hands-on lab activities designed to reinforce the principles presented during the course.

Course Objectives:
​Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Describe the HCP capabilities relevant to application engineers, including object lifecycle policies, background processes, and programmatic access
  • Explain REST-ful programmatic APIs for HCP management and object usage (read/write/search)
  • Perform tasks associated with a private HCP VM environment

Course Outline: 
Content Modules:
  • Introduction to REST API

Learning Activities — Labs:
  • Set up Tenant and Namespace
  • Execute Curl Examples
  • Execute Java Examples