Hitachi: Introducing Hitachi Storage Architecture

Код курса: TCI2626

Продолжительность обучения (кол-во дней): 2 дня

Стоимость обучения за одного человека: $1280*

Даты курса Заявка
29-30.10.2018 Заказать
17-18.12.2018 Заказать
Suggested Audience:
  • Architect
  • Install and Support
  • Administration

Required Knowledge and Skills: Basic knowledge of SAN and block oriented storage

Prerequisite Courses: None
Supplemental Courses:
  • THI2651 — Installing and Supporting Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Midrange Family
  • THI2526 — Installing, Configuring and Maintaining Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000
  • TSI2562 — Installing and Configuring Hitachi Command Suite v8.x
  • TSI2565 — Managing Hitachi Storage With Hitachi Command Suite v8

Краткое описание курса: Курс содержит подробную информацию об архитектуре блочных и унифицированных систем хранения данных Hitachi. На занятиях подробно обсуждаются компоненты систем хранения данных, преимущества и функциональные возможности СХД, а также дает обзор программных продуктов Hitachi для управления системами хранения данных.
Программа курса:
Course Highlights:
  • Learn about hardware and software components of the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) family of block and unified storage arrays and the associated program product portfolio
  • Learn about principles and application of storage virtualization
  • Describe storage virtualization benefits and features
  • Discover Hitachi storage management software offerings

Course Description: 
This 2 day course provides an overview of Hitachi storage systems with a focus on block and unified storage. The course describes the architecture of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1000, VSP G1500, VSP F1500, and the midrange models, VSP G200, VSP G400, VSP G600, VSP G800, VSP F400, VSP F600, and VSP F800. Unified storage with embedded NAS modules as supported by VSP G400 to VSP G800 is also covered. Lab activities include identifying components, mapping storage volumes and connecting to the storage management tools such as Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA) and Hitachi Command Suite (HCS).

Course Objectives: 
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Describe Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G200 to VSP G800 hardware architecture
  • Describe VSP G1000, VSP G1500 and VSP F1500 hardware architecture
  • Describe unified storage as supported in the VSP G400 to VSP G800 with NAS modules storage models
  • Discuss the licensing model for VSP enterprise and midrange program products
  • Describe Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning (HDP) and Hitachi Dynamic Tiering (HDT)
  • Describe principles of logical device (LDEV) ownership and how to assign ownership
  • Describe volume virtualization layers and provisioning mechanisms
  • Explain how to access management and maintenance user interfaces
  • Distinguish between Hitachi Storage advisor (HSA), Hitachi Command Suite (HCS), Hitachi Replication Manager (HRpM) and Hitachi Tuning Manager (HTnM)
  • Describe virtualization of external storage
  • Describe virtual storage machine (VSM), global-active device and nondisruptive migration (NDM)
  • Explain the differences between Hitachi replication products (Hitachi TrueCopy, Hitachi Universal Replicator [HUR], Hitachi ShadowImage, Hitachi Thin Image [HTI])

Course Outline: 
Content Modules: 
  • HDS Storage Architecture
  • Disks, Volumes and Provisioning
  • Storage Management Tools
  • External Storage, Global-Active Device and Nondisruptive Migration
  • Data Protection

Learning Activities — LabsIdentifying Components
  • Getting and Using Hitachi Documentation
  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Midrange and Systems Component Identification
  • VSP G1x00 and VSP F1500 Service Processor Access
  • VSP Gx00 and VSP Fx00 Midrange — Using the Maintenance PC
  • Storage Management With Hitachi Storage Advisor (HSA)
  • Storage Management With Hitachi Command Suite (HCS)