Hitachi: Implementing Hitachi VSP Gx00/VSP Fx00 With NAS Modules and HNAS 4000 Series Systems

Код курса: TCI2909

Продолжительность обучения (кол-во дней): 5 дней

Стоимость обучения за одного человека: $3200*

Даты курса Заявка
28.01-01.02.2019 Заказать
27-31.05.2019 Заказать
16-20.09.2019 Заказать
Suggested Audience: Implement and Integrate

Required Knowledge and Skills:
  • UNIX and Microsoft® Windows® network administration
  • Network-attached storage, network switch and router configuration and network management and maintenance

Recommended Courses:
  • TOC2749 – IP Networking Basics
  • THI2651 – Installing and Supporting Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Midrange Family
  • TCI2035 – Installing and Supporting Hitachi NAS Platform
Supplemental Courses: TSI2790 – Hitachi Storage Administration Software Technical Overview 

Краткое описание курса: Курс знакомит с архитектурой, эксплуатацией и администрированием СХД Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) в модели 4xx0 и Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Fx00/VSP Gx00 с модулями NAS. Курс включает в себя темы кластеризации, настройки сети, создания файловых систем и выдачи ресурсов HNAS для разных ОС.
Программа курса:
Course Highlights:
  • Learn the hardware and software components of Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Fx00/VSP Gx00 with NAS modules
  • Explore HNAS concepts and learn to perform operations using the graphic user interface (GUI) and command line interface (CLI) of HNAS
  • Explore the management, operation and administration of HNAS through hands-on lab activities

Course Description: 
This 5 day course provides an introduction to the architecture, operation and administration for the Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) models 4xx0 and Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Fx00/VSP Gx00 with NAS modules. The course also covers clustering, network environments, Hitachi Enterprise Virtual Server for NAS, file systems, authentication, file sharing, and data protection. Lab activities are included to provide hands-on practice with operation and administration tasks. In addition, you will get an opportunity to follow the process for creating an Enterprise Virtual Server for NAS with associated file system, join Microsoft® Active Directory® services, and create CIFS shares and NFS exports.

Course Objectives: 
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Describe the concepts of Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS)
  • Describe the main concepts of the current models of Hitachi NAS Platform
  • Recognize the hardware and software elements of Hitachi NAS Platform models 4xx0 and VSP Fx00/VSP Gx00 with NAS modules
  • Identify the functions in the Hitachi NAS file system
  • Identify administrative processes of the Hitachi NAS Platform family
  • Identify and select from data protection features of HNAS models 4xx0 and VSP Fx00/VSP Gx00 with NAS modules

Course Outline: 
Content Modules
  • Overview of Hitachi NAS Platform
  • Architecture
  • Boot Up and Data Flow
  • Configuration and Management
  • Networking
  • Networking Features
  • File System
  • File System Features
  • Access Protocols
  • Access Security Concepts
  • N-Way Clustering
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Protection Features
  • Data Migration Features

Learning Activities — Labs
  • Basic Operations Using GUI and CLI
  • Hitachi Storage Discovery
  • Advanced Networking
  • File System and File Sharing
  • Advanced Operations
  • Clustering and EVS Migration
  • Data Protection
  • Data Migration