IBM: Знакомство с IBM SPSS Modeler и процессом Data Mining (V16)

Код курса: 0A005

Продолжительность обучения (кол-во дней): 2 дня

Стоимость обучения за одного человека: 38 410 руб.

Даты курса Заявка
29-30.03.2018 Заказать

This basic course is for:

  • Anyone with little or no experience in using IBM SPSS Modeler
  • Anyone with little or no experience in data mining
  • Anyone who is considering purchasing IBM SPSS Modeler
Программа курса:

1. Introduction to Data Mining

  • Explain the stages of the CRISP-DM process model.
  • Describe successful data mining projects and the reasons why projects fail.
  • Describe the skills needed for data mining.


2. Working with Streams

  • Describe the different areas of the Modeler User Interface.
  • Work with nodes and Supernodes.
  • Run, open and save a stream.
  • Access the help function within Modeler.


3. Data Mining Tour

  • Explain the primary concepts used in data mining.
  • Build, evaluate and deploy a model.
  • Use the Sort and Filter nodes.


4. Collecting Initial Data

  • Explain the concepts of "data structure", "records", "fields", "unit of analysis", "storage".
  • Read data from and export data to various file formats


5. Data Understanding

  • Examine the distributions of categorical and continuous fields.
  • Explain the most common ways of handling missing data.
  • Explain how to set Modeler to check data quality and select valid records.


6. Setting the Unit of Analysis

  • Remove duplicate records.
  • Aggregate data.


7. Integrating Data

  • Add records from multiple datasets into one dataset.
  • Add fields from multiple datasets into one dataset.
  • Use sampling for testing purposes.


8. Deriving and Filling Fields

  • Use CLEM to transform data.
  • Use the Derive node to create a new field.
  • Use the Reclassify node.
  • Use the Reorder node to reorder fields.


9. Looking for Relationships

  • Examine the relationship between two categorical fields.
  • Examine the relationship between two continuous fields.
  • Examine the relationship between one continuous field and one categorical field.


10. Introduction to Modeling

  • Modeling objectives
  • Introduction to Classification
  • Introduction to Segmentation





Обучение проводит тренер, сертифицированный компанией IBM.

Курс читается на русском языке.

По итогам обучения выдаётся сертификат IBM.